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TopGunSM Nations: Who & Why?

Worldwide Vote: Brendan Wood International’s TopGunSM Panel of 9000+ Senior Corporate Executives, Broker Analysts & Institutional Investors vote on which countries represent the most attractive/promising investment venues.


“China is an attractive investment venue because of the size of the population and the growth of the middle class there for our particular product.” – CFO, US, Pharmaceuticals

“We think Brazil is much better than China at the moment. There are great opportunities because of the growth.” – CEO, US, REIT

“India is a great country to invest in. The resources are just bigger in India.” – President, Canada, Oil & Gas

“Columbia is a promising country in the sense that politically it is stabilizing. There is also opportunity in terms of the labour skills.” – CFO, Latin America, Agriculture

“The US is still the world’s leading economy and has good pricing.” – CFO, Europe, Financial Services

“The UK benefits from a cheap currency that we can manage independently and unilaterally. Nobody’s economy is in great shape but the UK’s is probably slightly better than most.” – Private Equity Sponsor, US, Business & Personal

“Australia is very interesting to us because it has a strong economy.  It seems to be really moving along quite nicely.  It has a bit of the Canada syndrome with a similar kind of economy.  For us it has been a pretty good place to do business.” – CFO, Canada, Medical Technology

“Canada seems to be very active and the economy wasn’t as touched by the downturn. Also, retailers are still looking at where they can branch out to that is easy and Canada is the spot they are going to now.” – Senior Broker Analyst, US, Real Estate

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